Cosmic Pi: Hardware Manual

We’ve just finished the first draft of a hardware manual. It goes through each of the many circuits that are inside the Cosmic Pi box and attempts to give a rough explanation of the functionality, design principles and other useful information if you are trying to understand or build your own unit.


Main board - top

You can download it as a PDF here.

We’ll be updating it in the future – it’s missing the LTSpice schematics as we need to extract them with a Windows machine, amongst other things. Comments, corrections and questions about the content of the document are most welcome!

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Pi: Hardware Manual

  1. Hello from Miles Macdonell Collegiate, Winnipeg – Canada
    My students are running several experiments using the Arduino. We are looking forward to hearing more on your development.

  2. Is it difficult to have these boards scintillators available ?
    I could build one with a Raspberry RP3 and Adafruit components. Is that not possible?
    really sorry if not
    Frederic Ferrieu

    1. Hi Frederic,

      Unfortunately the main barrier to individual assembly at the moment is availability of SiPM sensors, since the minimum order from Advansid who we used in the current design is 100 EUR. As for the scintillators, I’m not sure what the minimum order is from our supplier (Southern Scientific in the UK) but if you ask your nearest univeristy physics department you might be able to get old ones for free!


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